MP-TV Poll Question #1: How do single mothers affect society?

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How do single mothers affect society?

Mothers Progress TV Poll Question #1:

How do single mothers affect society?

This is a great question. There are so many opinions on how single mothers affect today’s society; some opinions are good and some are bad. Either way the opinion goes, they both can be right, it all depends on perception.

Since women give birth to the nation they give birth to all kinds of members of today’s society. Mothers have good/bad children, successful/unsuccessful children, rich/poor children, healthy/sick children and so on. To label all single mothers as something negative would be like saying all men are dogs. However, all men are not dogs. There are very good men out there just like there are amazing single mothers.

Everything situation has two sides. I totally agree there are many single mothers who have do not to contribute to their families or society. However, that does not mean all single mothers are bad.

What if Most Single Mothers Were Negative?

If all single mothers in the world were negative, the world would be doomed. Many say…. “Why help a single mother? All she wants is a hand out!” For me its not that simple. If a single mother is so bad, what is she teaching her children? This means it will be worse for the next generations IF we all sit back and do nothing. If we give up on all single mothers and their children. what would society look like in 10 years?

I think its best to empower the mothers, show them a better way of life, educate them ,and give them a chance to be like the other single mothers who raised successful members of today’s society.

There have been many successful people raised by single mothers. Watch our show on mothers day as we give tribute to many of them.



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