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mothers Zone - private chat room
mothers Zone – private chat room

Mothers Zone

What is Mothers Zone?

“Mothers zone” is an area designed to provide an easily accessible platform for single mothers to participate in any programs possible from all over the world.

Our private chat room allows you to speak with other mothers openly and privately. In addition, you are able to communicate live with SMIP volunteers here to assist you with registration, your account, and we are here for you to talk to you if your in need of a listening and supportive ear.


Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt like nobody has it as hard as you? Speak to other mothers going through the same things as you. No matter where in the world you live or your time zone there is always someone to talk to. Our chat room is open for communication 24 hours per day and 7 days per week

Mothers Zone – SMIP Mothers Chat Room

  • Are you a single mother that wants to speak to others like you?
  • Do you want to speak to a representative in SMIP?

Join our exclusive chat room. Set up your new account now! We look forward to talking to you and providing you the service or assistance you need.

To log into our chat room go to

We welcome you to our community of mothers. Sign in or Create a New Account and participate in this amazing new motherhood community.  We are here to help, inspire, and to empower you. Try it for yourself and refer it to other mothers you think may be in need of support.

Its takes a community to raise a child so lets work together to raise the world.


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