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Single Mother’s in Progress (SMIP) are a fantastic program and I would recommend them to anyone. Not only are the staff and counselors amazing and friendly, their dedication to the single moms is nothing short of 100%. They offer excellent support and resources, which are beneficial for any mother, regardless of her situation.  The women who work at SMIP truly make one feel as though we are a part of their family. Which makes the experience even better is all the women working there are single mothers themselves who have been through similar stressful and difficult situations. Never once did I feel judged or looked down upon. Not only are the councilors available during counseling and meeting sessions, they are willing to take their time outside of work hours to take personal phone calls and help guide us if ever we need a friend or advice about a current issue.


Tanya Porretta

Thanks for helping me, although I felt judged by others. I was afraid to ask for help, but you guys made things easy for me. Thanks to all of you.

From Amelia

Invaluable Social Services and Life Skills

The Single Mothers in Progress organization has been a tremendous help to my family. Being new to the Brampton area with little to no social support, I was originally directed to their organization for assistance with childcare while conducting my job search. SMIP has helped me by providing added support when needed, direction to community resources for education assistance, family counseling, financial advice, vital life skills and most important a place where myself and other single mothers can meet and share our experiences and day-to-day trials.

The result of joining SMIP is successfully fulfilling my main short-term goal of securing childcare, which was a barrier to transitioning back into the workforce. The main thing I like about SMIP is the comfort I feel when speaking with the staff, they are also single mothers and therefore share some of or are familiar with the experiences I have as a single mother. There’s ‘real’ conversations and feedback not the feeling of someone talking down to you or judging you, your life or present situation.

I found my experience with SMIP has been very informative and I credit them with enabling me to meet some of my goals in the last few months and would recommend SMIP as a phenomenal community outreach organization to other single mothers within the community.

Rachel J, Participant

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